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Clarify is a San Francisco, California-based digital agency offering industry-leading digital advertising, brand strategy, videos, email advocacy, and more. Our clients expect honesty, transparency, and outstanding results, and we deliver all three.

Senate campaigns, advocacy groups, independent expenditure committees, tech startups, and more have used our services and ideas to reach their voters, supporters, and customers and impress their stakeholders.

Our principals, Brian O’Grady and Will Bunnett, each have more than a decade of experience doing senior-level – and often award-winning – digital marketing. Prior to founding Clarify, O’Grady and Bunnett worked on projects for President Barack Obama, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Chuck Schumer, Senator Patty Murray, Progressives United, the California Democratic Party, and many more.

For an introduction to the unique ways we marry theory to practice in digital marketing, see our webinar: How Political Campaigns Use Digital Marketing.



What We Do

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Clarify: Your Advertising

The secret is out: more eyeballs are moving online every day. To help you get superior results, Clarify starts with exceptional honesty and transparency.

Clarify: Your Brand

From developing your unique value proposition to telling emotionally and socially resonant stories across channels, Clarify’s approach is entirely unique in digital politics.

Clarify: Your List Building

Acquisitions with the lowest up-front costs often hide the true costs of high unsubscribes and low deliverability. Clarify optimizes for long-term returns.

Clarify: Your Videos

Whether you need original footage and flashy post-production or you just want to piece together some news clips, Clarify produces tells your brand story at any length.

Clarify: Your Email Program

Our approach builds value and trust into your digital program and capitalizes on them sustainably through smart email calendars and nuanced content.

Clarify: Your Website

We build high-quality, mobile-optimized online homes that drive conversions and make strong statements — and skip the unnecessary content and expense.

Clarify is leading the field in architecting the complex ad and audience structures that support precise targeting and in-campaign learning about exactly what is working for whom and where.
— Dr. Frederica Conrey, Data Scientist


Selected Clients

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Dozens of organizations have partnered with Clarify for projects big and small, including the following:

Alliance for a Better Minnesota
ACLU of California
Bill de Blasio for President
Choose Energy
CREDO Mobile
Margaret Stock for U.S. Senate
Need to Impeach
Yes on 63/Safety for All

And Clarify clients represent a range of backgrounds and sectors:




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Blog post: How Democrats can compete and win on moral grounds in the South and other conservative areas. (Will Bunnett)

Ad Age: "Targeting Latinos with paid advertising can be deceptively simple just because it's easy to make mistakes that all Latinos fit into the same model.” (Brian O'Grady)

TECHWIRE Asia: How tech has made big money and insider access less important in politics (Will Bunnett)

Webinar: How political campaigns use digital marketing — Lessons small businesses can leverage from the high-stakes crucible of the political world (Will Bunnett)

Blog post: Anatomy of the Cinematic Profile: What Does it Take to Make Viral Political Ads?

The Atlantic: With Clarify’s help, “Need to Impeach staffers point out how much ad testing they can do on YouTube.“




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Will Bunnett

Will Bunnett leads Clarify’s work on advertising creative, brand strategy, fundraising, digital engagement, website content, and messaging development. Prior to founding Clarify, his work has contributed to 12 Pollie Awards, including four Gold Pollies, and two Reed Awards for clients including Elizabeth Warren, Claire McCaskill, Cory Booker, and the California Democratic Party. His thought leadership has appeared in the Huffington Post, The Hill, Campaigns & Elections, and more.

Before founding Clarify, Will was a senior strategist at Trilogy Interactive and, before that, a senior digital writer and producer on the 2008 Obama presidential campaign in Chicago. Prior to joining the campaign, he was a junior fellow at George Lakoff’s Rockridge Institute, focusing on cognitive linguistic approaches to health care framing.

Will graduated from Georgetown University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Culture & Politics and earned a Master of Arts degree in political psychology and linguistics from the University of Chicago.

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Brian O’Grady specializes in digital advertising as well as messaging and media planning for political and nonprofit clients. He has managed digital advertising for Dick Durbin, Cory Booker, Michelle Nunn, and Russ Feingold, as well as the League of Conservation Voters and Planned Parenthood Action Fund. In 2014, he contributed to research demonstrating how Facebook advertising can positively influence email fundraising, leading to three Gold Pollies and a Reed Award.

Before becoming a principal at Clarify, Brian led the advertising practice at Trilogy Interactive for two years. In 2012, he was the Search Engine Marketing Manager for Barack Obama’s re-election campaign. He has also worked for DoubleClick Google, VivaKi, and Lipman Hearne. He is a graduate of Beloit College.

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Working Together


After exceptional work, honesty and transparency are our top priorities. We don’t sign up for projects where we don’t believe we can deliver strong value, and we provide clear, up-front pricing with no hidden markups. Ever.

What’s the right way to combine these strategies and capabilities to get the best results? Neither of us will know for certain until we get a chance to sit down together and chat.

If you’re a Democratic campaign, advocacy group, or corporate partner looking to engage some people and do some good, let us know when and where to meet you, and we’ll be there.

If you’d like to join our team, review information about careers with us here.