Clarify is a full-service digital agency offering industry-leading digital advertising, brand strategy, video, email advocacy, and more. Our clients look to us to bring transparency, integration, and intelligence to their digital programs.

Since launching in 2015, we’ve worked with U.S. Senate and House campaigns as well as unions, advocacy organizations, and statewide persuasion and mobilization efforts around the country. These include CREDO Action, Alliance for a Better Minnesota,, Need to Impeach, and SEIU-UHW. Before founding Clarify, our principals generated proven results online for President Barack Obama, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Chuck Schumer, and more.

Whenever we have job openings, we post them here. If you see anything that might be a good fit, we’d love the opportunity to review your application. If you don’t see an opening that’s right for you, but you think we could still benefit from your experience and perspective, please email us at and tell us why need you.

Diversity and Company Culture

Our clients deserve strategy and advice that is informed by the perspectives brought by a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. To that end, Clarify is committed to recruiting and developing staff from all races, colors, religions, sexes, national origins, ages, disability statuses, sexual orientations, gender identities, military and veteran statuses.

Clarify employees work hard to deliver great results for our clients, though we do find ways to relax around each other. We are a small, closely knit team. We typically have lunch together at least every couple of weeks, and because of our value of transparency, employees are frequently encouraged to share their successes and challenges with their colleagues and supervisors. One employee specifically cited this openness as a factor in making it easier to work through frustrating projects when they come up. For more on employee-supervisor communications, see the section on Feedback to Employees below.

Our office environment is casual, and we provide snacks for employees to enjoy throughout the day.


As an agency promoting progressive causes, Clarify makes every effort to live our progressive values in our own company. As part of those efforts, we emphasize doing what we can to keep employees fulfilled and treat them equitably.

Pay equity can be a thorny subject. Research has shown that the higher social cost women typically face when negotiating for a raise is a driver of a society-wide pay gap for women, even if they do ask for raises as frequently as men. Negotiation disparities are also likely a driver of society-wide pay gaps for people of color vs. white counterparts. More broadly, employers typically have much deeper knowledge of salary scales than any individual employee, and any negotiation with highly asymmetric knowledge possessed by each side is inherently less fair.

To blunt the negotiation advantage of white male employees and make as much of a dent as we can in these society-wide disparities, Clarify has developed a compensation system that is rigid, relatively objective, and 100% transparent.

You can think of the system as a three legged stool. It needs each of three legs in order to stand: grounding in performance (output), transparency about how performance translates to compensation, and feedback to employees about their progress. We adapted this system from one used by Chewse.

Here’s much more info on the details of the salary system, including information about recognized output levels and descriptions, salaries by output level, other salary considerations, bonuses, and more.

Feedback to Employees

The output levels and the compensation levels match up nicely together, but to really make it work, the third leg of the stool is having frequent check-ins with each employee. Each check-in is much shorter than a typical annual review, and it involves specific mention of what the employee is doing well and needs to improve. This helps each employee understand why we have assigned them to a certain output level.


Employees working in our San Francisco office will be immediately eligible to accrue vacation leave at a rate of 120 hours per year (accrued throughout the year by pay period) and sick leave at a rate of 1 hour for every 30 hours worked. We also offer various other forms of leave, including pregnancy disability leave, family leave, school appearance leave, victims of crime leave, domestic violence/sexual assault/stalking leave, jury duty/witness leave, voting leave, volunteer firefighter/reserve peace officer/emergency response personnel leave, and bereavement leave, some of which are partially or fully paid. We close the office for the following holidays: New Years Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day After Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day.

Employees are immediately eligible to participate in certain benefit plans, including our current offering of Kaiser’s Gold 80 HMO 500/35 plan and Delta Dental’s PPO Choice 1500 D&P plan. Clarify currently pays 100% of premiums for employees, 50% for a spouse or domestic partner, and 50% for dependents. For employees who choose to participate in Clarify’s current 401k retirement savings plan for employees, Clarify will match pre-tax salary deferrals up to 3% of annual salary for the first 3% and up to 0.5% for each of the 4th and 5th percentiles (i.e. a max match of 4% on 5% salary deferral), subject to annual deferral limits as specified by law. Clarify employees are also eligible to deduct commuting expenses from their paychecks pre-tax, subject to legal limits.