Challenge: Raise Money with a Niche Brand

Our client ran for U.S. Senate as an Independent who was nonetheless supported by many state and national Democrats.

A typical Senate email campaign might rely on a national brand umbrella and a big list building budget to bring supporters in, then a high-volume, high-turnover messaging program to bring the money in. Without that direct brand association, and with a more limited budget, Clarify’s challenge was to help this client raise more money with less by stretching the value of each supporter.

Method: Build a Niche Brand, Protect Existing Names

To make up for the lack of a party brand, Clarify helped the campaign design and execute an email program that repeatedly and consistently emphasized the candidate’s unique value propositions. Establishing trust with list members helped minimize unsubscribes and made sure the list out-performed its size.

Meanwhile, carefully managing email calendars and helping the campaign find an appropriate CRM helped protect send reputation and deliverability so the campaign’s messages reached as many list members as possible.

Results: Strong Fundraising Despite Limited Resources

Fundraising numbers that should have decayed as list fatigue seeped in remained steady instead. Messages in June raised $0.0202 per recipient per send, and messages in November raised a comparable $0.0184 per recipient per send.

And we achieved these steady results with maximum deliverability and minimal list attrition, keeping bottom line revenue totals relatively high. Over the course of the campaign, 98.4% of messages were successfully delivered, open rates averaged 17.8%, and only 2.5% of overall opens led to unsubscribes.


Consistent Open Rates


Messages Successfully Delivered