Challenge: Find Names at High Volume — And High Quality

Our client, a membership-driven advocacy organization with a large email list, was looking for ways to add new members to their list on a continuing basis, to keep the list fresh and to make up for organic attrition. The client also required strong performance from their names: users who do not take a second action within 30 days of joining the list are far less likely to engage, donate, or make a purchase in the future. So the client approached Clarify to develop a creative way to reach new users on Facebook.

Method: Lookalike Models, Custom Pixels, Sound Reporting

We designed our program to test, evaluate, and optimize based on a large number of inputs. First, we created several lookalike models based on a sample of their most active list members. Within those models, we layered in other targeting methods, like position on the political spectrum, affinity for environmental or human rights activity, and location. Finally, we developed several custom conversion pixels, based on category of action (women’s rights, voting rights, environmentalism, etc.) to help guide Facebook’s optimization algorithm and reduce costs.

We also developed a reporting system designed to feed back immediate and long- term performance from new names. Every unique targeting and creative element became a lever we can use to make performance optimizations.

Results: Tighter Curation, More and Better Names

The program has become a highly complex, dynamic direct response operation. It merges data from three sources and feeds back actionable information to make optimization decisions about creative and targeting on a daily basis.

Within six months of launch, Facebook became the second-largest source of new names to the client’s list. Today, Facebook names meet or beat long-term performance goals set for all names on the organization’s list.

Second largest Source of New Names

Names Beat Long-Term Performance Goals