Challenge: Open the Doors to Members

Our client CREDO Mobile regularly hosts Q&A sessions in its offices with the advocacy groups it makes grants to.

Clarify was already engaged to record and edit the sessions into easily digestible summaries for the web, but the client was looking for a way to increase engagement and open up the doors even wider so that any grassroots member could watch the sessions in their entirety — without breaking the bank on extra expenses.

Method: Just the Right Amount of Facebook Live

To create an easy feed that could be broadcast live as well as archived, Clarify helped CREDO Mobile get started with Facebook Live.

The first step was a proof of concept. Clarify identified iPhone accessories like a tripod, microphone, and attachable lens the client could invest in relatively cheaply, along with free software for mixing and broadcasting live video feeds. With this initial setup, the client was able to produce a better-than-basic product on their own.

The client saw great engagement, so Clarify helped take the project to the next level. We hooked up our production cameras to the livestream, and implemented a simple and cost-effective approach to capturing audio and mixing it into the stream using carefully selected software.

This solution was just the right balance of quality, price, and implementation help to fit CREDO’s requirements and budget goals.


Results: Growing Engagement

Jumping in with both feet on this new live platform helped breathe life into CREDO Mobile’s video program, roughly doubling total viewership and making the client and its work more relevant to members. And with such a strong foundation in place, the client has plenty of options to keep customizing the program as its needs evolve.


Total viewership increase