Challenge: Take Fundraising to the Next Level

Our client Courage Campaign, a long-established progressive advocacy group in California, had a strong digital fundraising program in place when Clarify came on board. But like many organizations, Courage needed a nudge to help instill more discipline on the reporting and analytics side.

Without this discipline, it was becoming more and more difficult to contextualize A/B test results, evaluate sources of list growth, and take fundraising to the next level.

Method: Trainings, Tracking, Reporting

To kick off this customized engagement, Clarify worked through a tailor-made training program with junior client staff. The curriculum started with specific metrics and explained their relationships with different strategic needs.

From there, the emphasis shifted to developing a consistent, yet flexible, tagging nomenclature. Finally, Clarify helped the Courage team put it all together, replacing ad hoc reports of topline metrics with regular weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports that tracked and sorted the most insightful metrics with ease.

Results: More Confidence, Better Investments

Knowing whether new names are cheap is good, but knowing if they’re paying back is better. And while knowing if an email is raising money is essential, knowing which supporters are driving that performance is how you structure a whole email program.

With better data, and better tools for interpreting it, Courage Campaign has been able to make more and better investments in list building, respond more nimbly to timely fundraising opportunities, and separate its productive practices from the rest.