Messaging is often more about making people feel something than it is about information — assuming you can get their attention in the first place. Video is the best tool the digital marketer has for grabbing audiences and tapping into their emotions, but like all tools, you have to know how to use it.

By helping craft sticky concepts, working on channels that will yield results, and leveraging best practices for those channels, Clarify partners with clients through the entire video process, from concepting to scripting to trafficking. We help campaigns and organizations reach their goals — whether it’s engagement, list growth, or winning people over — with the right types of videos on the right channels, tailored for the right audience.

As many as 85% of Facebook ads are viewed with the sound off. Clarify always incorporates large on-screen titles in videos meant for Facebook, which facilitates message absorption in no-sound environments.

For these ads — round two of a larger campaign, deployed after longer videos established the core narrative — Clarify used templating software to create custom content for each of over 20 state House districts. While a standard widescreen aspect ratio is required for channels like Hulu and Youtube and performs well on desktop, our testing has shown that vertical video performs much better on mobile devices. So we did both.

Animation and kinetic typography can be eye-catching and high-energy. It’s also a great solution if you need to work around limitations on available footage and audio.

Studies show an emerging trend: perhaps due to burnout with high-production-value ads or an expectation of authenticity on social media platforms, organic-looking videos featuring real, unrehearsed people can help change minds or turn out the vote in a way that other ads no longer seem to. We help clients produce videos that take advantage of the best of both worlds, by combining authentic footage with minor editing touches that improve viewing experience — and get results.

It can be hard to predict what audiences will respond to. At Clarify, we have a good idea of where to start, but hard data is always better than hypotheses. We help clients design and implement affordable testing using a variety of methods and services, from YouTube brand lift studies to third party panel studies to in-house comparisons, to ensure that your message is honed and on-target. We tested these three ads against each other to determine which version of the core message tracked best with key demographics — and make sure we weren’t running anything that might even backfire.

Need to welcome visitors to a website, document an event, or share accomplishments on social media? We’re exceptionally good at tailoring video to all sorts of purposes.