How Political Campaigns Use Digital Marketing

Delivered by Clarify principal Will Bunnett in Conjunction with AdRoll on March 9, 2016.

Most companies would agree that getting 45% market share would be a huge success. Yet, in politics, winning 45% means losing the vote. In our webinar, you’ll hear key lessons about political marketing campaigns—including best practices for email, social media, and retargeting—while learning how to apply them to your own advertising strategy so you can win more customers.

AdRoll is proud to present host Will Bunnett, renowned political brand strategist and principal at Clarify Agency. Will managed President Obama’s digital rapid response strategy and worked on his election email team, has implemented political campaigns all over the country, and holds a master’s degree in political psychology.

Watch our webinar to gain impactful insights from Will Bunnett as he delves into important topics that are bound to help marketers of all stripes:

  • What can marketers learn from today’s political marketing?

  • What are the three principles behind successful digital marketing campaigns?

  • Which tools are candidates using that businesses can adopt into their strategies?